Workshops and Retreats

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Diane has partnered with Marie Neher and Donna Magtibay offering workshops and retreats offering opportunities for self-discovery, spiritual awareness, renewal, and connection with others.

Healing with the Elements


Jun 12, 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Hermitage Farm Center for Healing , 6415 W River Rd NW, Rochester, MN 

Learn about the properties and healing power

of each of the elements. Explore ways to work

with earth, air, water and fire for healing the

body, mind and spirit.

Soul Healing Retreat

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Soul healing starts when we recognize there is more

to life than the sum of our experiences. Let go of

the past. Create a new reality for a deeper sense

of self and wellbeing. Open the door to infinite


Tap into the wisdom of your higher self through

personal reflection, jouneying, and ceremony,

all within a community of supportive women.

Create a new blueprint for your healing and wellness.


Begins: October 8, 6:00 pm

Ends: October 10, 11:00 am 

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