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Living a Reiki Life

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Someone once said, “The greatest gift we can give the world is to raise the level of our own consciousness.” Each of us can impact the greater good of humanity when we have a sincere desire to raise our individual energy vibration and level of consciousness. Achieving a higher level of consciousness is not something that typically happens overnight. It is a process of awakening that takes place in stages and often requires intentional effort.

There are many simple, yet powerful, daily exercises that can help us expand our awareness. Starting each day with a positive attitude and intention will set the tone for the day. I like to begin my day with the following prayer: “May I receive all that I need, and may I be shown opportunities to give of myself in service to the greater good of the earth and all living beings.” Then, as you go through your day, be aware of opportunities for personal growth and occasions that allow you to be a conduit of grace for others. Look for signs that confirm that the universe is supporting you on your spiritual path. See others with a new found sense of oneness. Perform your work and daily activities with joy and gratitude.

Take time throughout your day to affirm your connectedness with all things. This is something you can do anyplace at any time, and it is a perfect way to release stress and create inner peace. My favorite affirmation is, “I am one with the Source of All Creation.” By acknowledging our divine nature, we release the negative energies associated with feelings of separation. It is at this moment of acknowledgment that we experience a higher state of consciousness allowing healing in body, mind and spirit.

One of the ways I live a Reiki-filled life is by imagining that I have a funnel over my head providing a continuous reserve of Universal Life Force Energy. When I encounter a difficult situation or somebody who is struggling in any way with the challenges of life, I can beam Reiki for their highest good. When I hear of a natural disaster or tragedy in the world, I send distant Reiki and offer a blessing to all involved. Giving the gift of a blessing is another way we can respond to the pain and suffering of others with compassion and love. We can also use the gift of a blessing to create a healing environment wherever we are. Bless each space you enter for the good of all who are present. Let love and compassion be your guide in everything you do. Discover how you can be an example and make a difference in the lives of friends, coworkers and everyone you meet.

Spending time every day in silence and meditation is one of the most effective ways to raise your consciousness. It has been shown that meditation is a powerful tool for stress reduction and has a positive effect on our ability to handle life’s challenges. By going into the silence, we discover the true nature of our being. It is in this peaceful state that awakening to Divine Consciousness takes place. When we practice even a few minutes of meditation daily, we deepen our connection with the spiritual dimension of life.

Reiki teaches us to let go of ego and attachment to outcome. When we surrender to a higher power, we give up the suffering associated with our need to control people and situations. We then experience the freedom that comes from acceptance of “what is.” We find peace in the knowledge that there is an intelligent force at work in the universe, directing the course of our lives for our greatest good and in accordance with the Divine Plan. When we partner with the Divine in being co-creators of our lives, we gain personal power, raise our vibration, and achieve a higher level of consciousness.

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