Reiki is a system of natural healing that  involves the channeling of energy in order to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself through relaxation and the balancing of energy. It is a holistic, hands-on energy healing system that has profound effects on the body, mind and spirit. During the session you will lie on a massage table, fully clothed, as soft music helps you to relax and let go of stress, tension, and anxiety. You will feel a deep sense of inner peace. 
1 hour $70

Shamanic Healing


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual and healing tradition known to humankind. This ancient tradition has survived tens of thousands of years and is currently being practiced today in nearly every country around the globe. The word shaman comes from the name given to tribal healers of the Tungus people of Eastern Siberia and it roughly translates as “one who sees or one who has knowledge.”

A shaman may be described as someone who acts as an intermediary between the natural world and the supernatural world. One of the basic beliefs of shamanism is that everything has a spiritual component. The shaman is a master of dreams, visions and trance work. Through journeying and by entering altered states of consciousness, the shaman communicates with spirit helpers to gain information regarding the spiritual aspects of illness and to learn the best healing method for the individual.

The practice of shamanic healing identifies three main causes of illness and disease:

1. Loss of power

2. Spiritual intrusion

3. Soul loss

Shamanic healing typically involves one of two things:

* Putting something back that has been lost and needs to be recovered

* Removing energy that has been taken on and needs to be released

Shamanic Healing techniques include extraction of unwanted energies, soul retrieval, where the shaman retrieves soul parts that may have been lost due to trauma, and power animal retrieval resulting in a return of spiritual power to the individual. Shamanic healing may also include healing ancestral issues and patterns

Energy extraction and basic treatment 90-minutes $95
Soul Retrieval (includes Extraction/Shamanic Healing) 2-hours $125

Spiritual Mentoring


We are all on a spiritual journey, whether we realize it or not. Within our human experience our souls are growing in wisdom and ever-increasing levels of consciousness. Life, however, is filled with challenges and can be overwhelming at times. You may feel like you are disconnected from Divine Source, going through the motions of work and everyday life, until it becomes tedious and meaningless. You may feel a deep longing for spiritual healing, a desire to understand the true nature of your being and to live life with a greater sense of purpose and well-being. A spiritual journey is a search for the relationship between yourself and a higher power. Your spiritual awakening is a process of going beyond the veil of this physical world and discovering your connection with all things. You will tap into spiritual guidance that can open the door to a more expansive reality of universal truths. This journey to self-realization will help you identify your core values and to let go of the beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve your highest purpose. Don’t wait to start living. Discover how spiritual mentoring can help you to develop your powers of intuition, respond to
your heart’s desires, nurture your soul and live with creative purpose.

One-hour session: $70

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As your health coach I support and help empower you to identify and achieve your health and wellness goals. We will design a personalized plan to change old behavioral patterns into new beginnings.

All sessions currently offered via Zoom
Initial session 1-hour $70
Subsequent sessions 1/2 hour $55

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Throwing the bones is an ancient form of divination that is found in numerous cultures throughout the world. Bone reading is performed by shamans, wiccans, and psychic readers. There are many variations to the pieces and the techniques used in bone divination and the bone kits are as unique as the individuals who utilize them in their practice.


My bone kit includes a variety of bones, shells, roots, wood, stones, teeth, and small curios. Each object has a spiritual wisdom and carries a particular meaning or association. When preparing for a reading I light a candle and place a chalice of water on my altar to invite and to feed the ancestors and spirits who are invited to lend their support and wisdom to the reading.


After reflecting on the client’s question or focus for the reading, I blow the intention into the bones and then toss them onto a cloth that contains representations of the four directions and the four elements. Each direction is also associated with the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health of the individual.


The meaning of the items as well as the placement and position of the objects and proximity to other pieces on the cloth lend wisdom to the reading and provide information and guidance to identify existing energies and possibilities for the individual. These insights may help direct choices that will open up doors to better understanding and self-empowerment.   


Depending on the broad or narrow focus of the client’s question, a reading may be an overview of the individual’s life and journey, or may be more specific and include details about the client’s spiritual life, physical health, relationships or career. The messages will reveal possible outcomes based on the energetic vibrations reflected in the objects themselves as well as the placement of bones.

In Person Session: $65

Bone readings currently being offered via Zoom ($45) and include email with a photo of the spread. If interested in a reading or for additional information, please contact me at